Artrogel is a range of products composed of natural, essential oils. These products are recommended for daily use for all types of muscular and articular pain.
Made up of horsetail and camphor extract, menthol, peppermint, cajuput, thyme and rosemary essential oils. Usage: As a muscular warm up prior to a sports activity. Following physical activity for a faster recovery. Following liposuction in the case of oedemas and haematomas.


Tube 40 ml
Tube 125 ml
Pot 200 ml
Bottle 500 ml with dispenser pump

Menthol provides an instant and prolonged fresh and cooling sensation.
It also contains decongesting properties.


Peppermint essential oil refreshes and alleviates pain.

Horsetail extract: rich in organic silica provides mineralising and healing properties. Camphor extract: recommended for massaging fatigued muscles and articulations.

Contains light anesthetic properties.

Cajuput essential oil: acts as a muscle relaxant after physical effort. Soothes and helps prevent aches and stiffness.

Thyme and rosemary essential oils: both stimulate circulation, fight against stress and fatigue and alleviate headaches.


Artrogel affectively combats back pain and articular and muscular soreness. 7 active ingredients work in symbiosis to bring you comfort and relief.

This gel is recommended for tendinitis, sprains, tennis elbow, cramps, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, lower back pain and sciatica…

Artrogel is acclaimed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, rheumatologists and other health professionals.

It is also very effective for athletes when used prior to and after physical activities for muscular preparation and recuperation.


Artogel acts with a cooling/chilling effect on calves and thighs.
It is highly recommended after flying, standing for long periods of time, hikes or shopping sprees.
Perfect during hot weather for cooling off tired, heavy legs and stimulating circulation.



Articulations are joints which connect bones and provide protection against shocks whilst allowing mobility and flexibility to the bone structure.


Painful joints are very common.


They are perceived as stiffness, mostly caused through natural aging, incorrect physical effort, change of seasons and repetitive gestures.


Artrogel treats muscle soreness, often caused by stressful lifestyles, inappropriate posture and repetitive gestures or intense sporting activities, which create strained movements. Light massages 1-3 times daily with Artrogel relaxes and relieves the affected area due to a cooling effect, followed by an enveloping, warm sensation. Treatment should be repeated until the soreness completely disappears.


Lumber region or lower back pain is the most frequent form of back ache and can last for several weeks causing a great deal of discomfort during every day activities. Sciatica is the most common symptom of vertebral pain, linked to spinal, nerve root compression. Artrogel massaged lightly in and around the painful area, 1-3 times daily releases tension and encourages a faster recovery.


Muscular stiffness occurs after a strenuous effort. It can last for up to 5-7 days with varying intensity depending on the level of effort produced.

This minor injury causes pain and discomfort with every movement.


A light massage using Artrogel alleviates muscular tension and soothes the soreness after exertion, encouraging a faster recovery.



Heavy, swollen and aching legs are induced by poor circulation of the venous system, which causes a pooling of blood in the lower legs.

Certain factors aggravate this phenomenon:

Too tight clothing, (belts, trousers, boots)

Vigorous, high impact sports, such as tennis, rugby and combat sports/martial arts, which induce recurrent stress to the legs.

Frequent travelling and therefore prolonged periods of sitting still. Long haul flights, long train or car journeys, which encourage pooling of blood in the veins, therefore heightening the risk of phlebitis.

Too much heat which contributes to the dilation of the veins and weakens them as a consequence.

Long periods of inactivity, either standing or sitting.

Certain professions heighten the risk of developing venous insufficiency.

Apply Artrogel to the affected area, note the sensation of comfort and well-being generated firstly by the cooling effect, followed by enveloping warmth.
Rub in using fingertips for a light massage around the inflamed or painful area.
Artrogel has a smooth texture which is immediately absorbed through the epidermis.
In the case of intense pain, it is recommended that applications should be repeated every 4 hours.
If the pain persists, consult a medical professional or chemist/pharmacist.
Can be used as long as necessary.
Not to be administered to children younger than 7 years or to pregnant women.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Keep out of reach of children.

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